Indoor Tip in stainless steel for Gold Tip 9.3

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Compatible Shafts

Gold Tip
Nine.3 250


Stainless-steel indoor glue-in arrow point break off for aluminium and carbon shafts.
BBB, Big Bad Boy, three words, two break-offs and a single point!
The new creation Tipping Point for Indoor shooting.
Aggressive, captivating and precise, it wants to fill a hole in the marke, that's why we dared to create a high-quality break-off Indoor tip.
The bullet point was made by processing the numerous tests carried out by our Pro-Staff, achieving an optimal radius for stability and penetration of the targets.
The end is slightly rounded to be less aggressive and more compact.
The stem guarantees maximum resistence at the point and reduces the possibility of breaking the shafts.
The two break-offs are built to withstand high stress and provide the versatility of a point suitable for various configurations.
The stainless steel with which the BBBs are made ensures very high mechanical strength and a flawless finish.
This version of the Big Bad Boy is compatible with Gold Tip 9.3 250-pin shafts.

Product Specifications

Internal diameter (mm):
Outer diameter (mm):
2, 10 grain each
Surface finish:
Stainless steel


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