Tungsten and inox steel arrow points for VAP

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Compatible Shafts

Gold Tip
Pierce 340 , Pierce 400 , Pierce 500
VAP 350 , VAP 400 , VAP 450


A new concept for a tip made of tungsten, with an internal stem in Tungsten and a stainless-steel bullet point.

Why did we decide to create this product?

The need arises from the fact that, as everything that we make in Tipping Point, the basis of every new product is based on the study of the archers' needs and the analysis of the problems that are not satisfied by the products currently in the market.

Among the main problems we found:

  1. The latest trends, in terms of weight, see a substantial increase in values ​​(up to 150gr.), which causes a conspicuous lengthening of the internal stem, a very pronounced bullet point and a consequent increase in the rigidity of the shaft due to the variation of the F.O.C.
  2. The possibility of moving the F.O.C. forward and softening the shaft.

The analysis of all these variables has led to the development of a "hybrid" product with a tungsten stem (an extremely hard material with a high specific weight that guarantees greater strength and a consequent decrease in the length of the internal stem) and an point in stainless steel.

The stainless-steel bullet point is made with calibrated holes that allow a perfect fit by pressuring the stem and, thanks to this innovation, the F.O.C. of the shaft is moved further forward to the insert inserted inside the bullet point.

As always, when trying to create something new and innovative, reports and tests are fundamental. Our Pro-Staff Tipping Point has performed real "Crash Tests" confirming the quality and robustness of the assembly in all parts.

Once the solidity of the product was confirmed, we continued with the search for the right compromise between the weight and the radius of the point, obtaining finally a robust and ideal shape for the protection of the shaft.

Last but not least, the laser incisions on the stem provide, in addition to weight information, the right grip for assembly inside the shaft.

Product Specifications

Internal diameter (mm):
Outer diameter (mm):
No, One Piece
Surface finish:
Stainless steel / Tungsten


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