Stainless-steel arrow point for Plurima

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Compatible Shafts

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Stainless-steel Glue-in arrow point for carbon arrows.
For the construction of these points, maximum priority has been given to compactness and resistance to avoid, due to the reduced diameter of the shaft, torsion during extraction from the targets. The combination of tempered stainless-steel and attention to the smallest detail led to the development of this product.
The point is made in three "sections", the first in contact with the calibrated shaft on the basis of the spine, the second which determines the maximum diameter of the point which allows the tip to create an entrance hole in the slightly wider target then to facilitate the extraction and the third section which constitutes the final radius of the point with the tip slightly radiated to ensure durability and better aerodynamics.

The stem is made with the utmost precision and designed to ensure the best reaction to the stresses and bending of the shaft, furthermore the small grooves ensure the fixing of the tip to the shaft. It has only one break-off to reduce any weak points but still gives the possibility of having two different weights.

Product Specifications

Internal diameter (mm):
Outer diameter (mm):
1, 10 grain
Tempered Steel
Surface finish:


Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Buon prodotto nonostante l'ogiva un po lunga.

Giancarlo Buffi