Historic burnished steel whistling arrow point

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Historic burnished steel glue-on whistling arrow point for wooden temples.
The peculiarity of the Tipping Point whistling arrow point is precisely the whistle created by the point during the flight phase. This is due to its special shape which, with a transverse hole and a particular recess, makes the air flow creating the typical sound.
The tip comes in two parts, one to be glued on the shaft, properly tapered and the second to be screwed onto the first.
When making the two components we give absolute importance to tolerances and details in order to guarantee the correct assembly of the arrow point.
The shafts must first be correctly prepared with the conical end using the special Tipping Point sharpener, which creates the right inclination for insertion into the points.
The points are made of steel and subsequently treated on the surface with a burnishing process to give them the typical burnished colour and protect them from oxidation.

Product Specifications

5/16 , 11/32
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